what do you need in a boy scout first aid kit

 · BUILD YOUR OWN FIRST-aid kit. toronto first aid training As it says in the “First Aid” merit badge pamphlet, “The worst first-aid kit is the one that never gets made.” Make sure that doesn’t happen by buying a good first-aid kit or building one yourself. Personal First-Aid Kit. Here are the basics for your pack: Six adhesive.

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If WFA is required for your adventure (see BSA facilities’ requirements below), then you must obtain a certificate from one of the providers listed above. In addition, a current CPR/AED certificate is also needed. If you have specific questions on equivalencies, reach out to the entity running the program requiring WFA.

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3×6" piece of moleskin; Pencil and paper. Conforms to "Personal First-Aid Kit requirements listed on page 127 of the bsa 12th edition handbook. Measures 11".

There are no stores out there so don’t forget anything, including a first aid kit. You can find true wilderness by backpacking into the park’s smaller, inland lakes. No actual Boy Scouts.

 · Here’s what Richard suggests you include in a basic kit.. First-aid kit; signaling device, such as a whistle. the Boy Scouts of America needs you more than ever.

Miles and at least a day's hike from the nearest trailhead, what are you gonna do ? Hopefully, you have the first-aid training and supplies needed to care for your.

Since a first-aid kit is one of the essential items for Scout hiking, keeping one with your daypack is an easy way to assure you are prepared on the trail. The contents of the kit can be as varied as the potential needs and the number of participants present, but it must always be stocked and ready for use.