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Scouting for Food 2016

Scouting For Food—February 6 and 13

Why Scouting for Food?   Many Reasons

-Scouting for Food brings more than 10,000 food items every year to hungry families here in Texoma.
-This is a good turn that saves lives.  Scouting for Food is the largest food drive in North Texas/Southern Oklahoma.
-It takes much less time than a campout or a pinewood derby.
-It is much less effort than selling popcorn
-It’s fun. The boys enjoy going from house to house seeing who can collect the most.
-It will make you feel good.
-This year the need is greater than ever.

How do you do it?

Assigned unit areas: For units in Denison, and Sherman, areas are mapped out on the district web site (www.texomavalley.org.).  Durant units, coordinate areas with Kevin Kusch, kusch.kevin@yahoo.com.  Be sure to check, some areas have been changed from last year to accommodate new units.  Unless otherwise designated, Crews and Teams units should go with their troops. For communities (e.g.Van Alstyne, Howe, Whitewright ) with just one pack, troop, crew or venture unit, the pack and/or troop and/or crew should work together to cover as many homes as possible. If you need a change in your area or if you have any questions, contact Hank Gorman at hgorman@cableone.net with a phone number/email and he will contact you. This year Circle Ten is including Scouting for Food brochures with the bags.


Pick-up the plastic food donation bags at the January roundtable (January 14th).

Distribute the bags to homes in your area the week of February 6th. When your scouts bring a bag to a home, they should attach it securely so that it won’t become litter.

Pick-up donated items after 10 am on February 13. Sometimes people put the food bags by porches or beside their doors, so have your scouts check lest donations get left behind. Please don’t collect cash, frozen food, glass jars, or perishable foods.


Pick up the plastic food donation bags at the February roundtable (February 11) and February 13 in the morning take them into your unit area soliciting donations with the bags, as you did last year with the paper bags.

Count the number of food items you have collected.

Then email hgorman@cableone.net with your unit’s name, how much food you collected, how many scouts participated, how many adults participated, and where you plan on taking the donations. Hank complies the information for Michael who has to report that to Dallas Saturday, by 3. Circle 10 uses the information for news stories about the food drive, for the United Way, for Tom Thumb Foods, and for Albertsons (new sponsors) who donate the donation bags.

Then take the food to one or more charitable organization(s)s in your community. You may choose to use your chartering organization’s food pantry, or another food pantry or a shelter in your area or in a nearby community.

For Safety, Use two deep leadership, do not allow scouts to enter homes,  and dress the scouts for the weather with scouting ensignia visible.

If you have photographs of your scouts in action collecting the food or donating the items to your selected charity, please email a sample to Hank. Sometimes channel 12 will run a follow-up story on our food drive.